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Meet the unusual Molto accessories - the right accessory can change an entire outfit.

Unusual Molto accessories will allow you to master the art of choosing the right accessories for your outfit, which, once mastered, brings benefits for the rest of your life. Thanks to Molto accessories, your everyday outfits will turn into original styles. Molto accessories are the perfect way to change your image and refresh your looks. Handmade accessories by Molto will liven up your everyday outfits and will suit both elegant blouses, office styling and evening outfits. Molto often uses recycled materials in its projects. Upcycling is close to us because of our concern for the environment and the future of our planet. Combine our upcycling accessories with boho style clothes, for everyday sports stylizations or wear for special occasions such as a lavish party or New Year's Eve. Learn to combine your everyday outfits with interesting accessories to make your Molto look phenomenal.

Accessories that will emphasize your look and give it #MOLTO character

Original accessories are, for example, large bracelets made in various techniques, consisting of beads and colored strings, with exclusive finishes, but also pendants, chains, key rings, necklaces, cosmetic bags and pencil cases. We often use fabrics dug out of Grandma Molto's sewing workshops, workshops with traditions. Skins are purchased from various fashion houses, most often they are stocks from a given season, which we turn into magical accessories. The path and history of materials used during production make all products a work of art. The beads from which the Missoni Crocodile Bracelets are made moved together with the designer Alex Molto Kamiński from Germany to Poland, via Canada to Italy and back to Poland. We also design accessories for your dog, handmade clothes for your pet or dog beddings for your pet- we sew with the greatest attention to quality and workmanship. The convenience and comfort of your dog is our priority. Comfortable Molto clothes for a dog are sewn by seamstresses in Poland in a small manufactory. Molto accessories are a dream come true for sophisticated women who love extraordinary accessories and styling. Molto accessories and additions are something that many stylish women in the world cannot imagine their wardrobe without. Invest in good quality and unique design and change your style today.


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